Sample Site Page where grandparents can see websites designed for other grandchildren

  Many grandparents have the same question . . . "How can we help prepare a finished website for our grandchild?"  It would be very nice (an much easier for us) if you could but, as a practical matter, in all probability you can't.  Actually, it's often best if you don't because an important part of what your Grandchild will experience by owning a website is making the changes he or she wants and updating it from time to time. 

The question then becomes . . . "Can we give a quality gift that, at the outset, will probably need some change or adjustment?"  The answer is, unquestionably, YES!  The two following sites are shown as they were at the time they were given (but before completion).

The first site was designed for a 15 year old boy who is computer literate and active in sports.  He had recently moved to South Carolina, several hundred miles away from many friends, so his grandparents directed us to create a site that would, among other things, assist him in communicating with them.  They also wanted a "photo gallery" for those friends but didn't have any pictures so we included one using animated "clip art."  "Click" below to view this site:

  The next site presented a different design opportunity.  It was ordered by the grandparents of a much younger girl who is an avid Disney fan so, they decide on a Mulan theme.  Because of her age, they wanted contact restricted to the family so we limited email access to family members and gave her a "secret" link to email her grandparents.  No friends pictures were available so we again used the "critters under the bed" photo gallery which has become popular with many of our clients.  You can visit this site by "clicking" below:  


  All of our websites are original designs created especially for each grandchild.  That being so, we do not offer a "menu" of designs (or "templates" as they are called).  The following preliminary designs were chosen by other grandparents and they are presented here simply to give you some idea of the variety of themes that can be constructed.  They also demonstrate the idea presentation, color co-ordination, scroll bar treatment, mouse pointer animation and music that our websites are noted for.  Please "click" on the thumbnails below to see the full sized example (and be sure to give the sound files time to load).  








pooh bear







  We also design business websites and you may find it interesting to visit the site of our parent company, JOSH COX & ASSOCIATES.  

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