Flash Introductions Page where exciting beginnings for grandchildren's websites can been seen

  Flash Introductions (or "flash intro's" as they are commonly referred) are often avoided by some professional web designers because they consider them to be "gimmicks."

We happen to like them for one simple reason . . . the kids think they're great!  So, we include them as options.

We offer many to choose from, several of which you may review by "clicking on the buttons below.  A couple of them take a few moments to "load" but they're fun to watch and worth the short wait.  Also, please understand that the text you see has been inserted for demonstration purposes.  We can create an introduction to a web site with any text you choose as long as it fits (physically) in the selected Flash Intro.

    Blue Bars  
    Green Bars  
    Evening News  
    Grey Ball  
    Green Morph  
    Red Squares  
    Rolling Text  
    Square Morph  
    Text Reveal  
    Welcome Zoom  
  A Flash Intro, if used at all, should be an attention getter.  Equally important, it should deliver a simple, easily understood message that is not overshadowed by its demonstration technology.  One of our favorites (and the one chosen by many of our clients) is called, simply, "Welcome."  

  If you're still undecided whether or not to use a "flash intro" or you can't make up your mind what style you would prefer, just "click" on the button below to:  


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